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PSC- Episode 1 – Why Should I Listen To Pure Simple Confidence?

Welcome to pure simple confidence everyone. I’m your podcast host Sandee Lea. Pure simple confidence is a safe place for me to share with everyone things about my own personal journey and to also share tools and thought processes I have learned and experienced through-out the years, helping me not to live my own life from a place of fear, but through confidence and love instead. I am so grateful that you have chosen to listen to my podcast and to learn more about pure simple confidence. 

So, who am I? Boy, is that not a question we often wonder at different stages in our lives? Well, let me start with where I was and where I am today. I was born and raised in the heartland of America. A typical childhood with both parents and four older siblings all girls. Yes, a farmer’s daughter and the youngest of five! You can imagine the competition, jealousies, rivalry, and sibling bullying that was going on for many, many, years. Like most families we had our times of craziness and of course love as well. I was the one that well let’s just say had a lot of different interest at a very young age. Like I enjoyed listening to Beethoven while I cleaned the house when my siblings would want to listen to “Pink Floyd, The Eagles, Led Zeppelin” you know the “normal” things a teen-ager should want to listen to right?! I also started a planned exercised regime at the age of 12. I would be upstairs using my own body resistance to tone my body, exercises that are similar to mat Pilates and yoga today. My parents and siblings would be downstairs watching a movie or favorite TV show, but not me. I didn’t like eating meat at a very young age. I would hide it in my cheeks and go to the bathroom to spit it out, or I would spit it into my napkin. Then there was one time I hid it under my plate and well Lord and behold my sister lifted my plate to clear the table and what did everyone see and what happened to little ole me. Yes, I got to sit at the table with my plate of meat still in front of me that I didn’t eat, while my siblings got to have dessert and go off to enjoy the rest of their evening while I sat there contemplating do I eat it or sit there all night. Can you guess what I did? Yep, I sat there all night till I was excused to go to bed. Stubborn wasn’t I! Or maybe at a young age I was born with an innate sense of confidence that all of us are born with. I just didn’t know what it meant to be confident but showed it by deciding to be me.

What happens next between the ages of 12 and 17? I started school when I was four so I graduated at 17. Academically, I was bright and found school relatively easy with the acceptation of my social life. At a very young age I suffered from social anxiety. My anxiety would come out through being quiet and I also had very sweaty palms, feet, and underarms. 

So, needless to say, no one wanted to hold my hand for games like “Red rover, red rover send so and so right over” kids would always choose me to break through no matter how hard I held on for dear life. But well little me got so creative. I would bring a handkerchief, and wear gloves. I’d share with my school mates put me on the end I can hold on with two hands!! Such a fighter I was! So here I am confident with my studies but not confident being around people. I became the student people would ask me to do their homework or let them cheat on my test. I believed the only way for me to have friends was to become a “people pleaser” and at the same time I was forcing myself to eat meat so my parents would quit being so harsh and disapproving of me and my uniqueness. My siblings as well. As I transformed into this people pleaser I began little by little losing who “Sandee” was.

In my twenties I went to art school. I loved photography and I wanted to be a photo journalist. However, my parents had different plans for me. All my other siblings got married, had good jobs and children soon after. But, then there was me who wanted a college education and to go away to school. I was told, work for a grocery store people will always need to eat, get married and have kids.  At the age of 21 my uncle died and I was left $7,500 dollars. My mother was very angry at me. I was the only in my family that received an inheritance. I didn’t want to lose my families love. They were all angry accept for my dad. I was going to donate the money to the Catholic church and stay living as a people pleaser, but somehow a little voice inside me said this was my ticket to leave the Midwest and to go on my own life-time journey. So, I enrolled into an art school in Colorado, packed up what little I had for belongings and left my home with a packed car and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and apple in a brown paper bag, which my mom gave me to say good-bye. To this day my favorite snack is an apple and peanut butter. I wonder why! Funny how the simplest things in life leave can leave such an impact on our lives. My father could not find it within himself to say good-bye to me. I use to think he was angry for many years but now I think it was his deep profound love for me.

I started writing the pages to my own book when I left my family. No longer controlled by their wishes of who they wanted “Sandee” to be but me making my own choices and taking the responsibility for those choices. I have so much to share with all of you.  I have learned so much about myself, my thought patterns, my spiritual and physical well-being as well. Things that worked well for me and things that sabotage me. Mostly all caused by how I choose to think.

Today I am an emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy middle age women. I have three grown adult children and two grand-sons. I am financially secure and living my life serving and helping others which has always been my passion even as a child. I have worked in corporate America for many years training and managing others and I have owned a Pilates studio for the past fifteen years training professional athletes, rehabilitating cancer and injured clients, training other Pilates and yoga trainers, and helping others achieve their overall health and fitness goals. I received my BA in Psychology and completed my life coaching certification in the past two years. Now my passion is to help others find true joy, peace, and live a happy life. I’m hoping a whole lot sooner than what it took me in my own personal journey. 

If only I had been introduced to the tools I have received at a much younger age. I believe my life would have had less drama and healthier relationships with others.

This podcast is to help you focus on your thought patterns. Learn how to first identify what you are thinking and then reprogram and process the feelings that those thoughts caused. Our thoughts and feelings create the results in both our personal and professional lives. Our brain is our most controllable and influential part of our being. Let me say that again, our brains are our most controllable and influential part of our being. We do have control. Let us begin today finding out how to better manage our brains so we can take control back in our lives. After all life is short, why not make every thought, every word, every action, every breath we take the most meaningful and courageous we possibly can. Be true to who you are meant to be and don’t live your life for others. Be confident in YOU!

Here’s the scoop for what’s coming up. Every Wednesday I will be sharing a weekly podcast and there is a FREE Pure Simple Confidence Guide located on my website which you can find at This Guide offers three simple techniques for you to start working on immediately. In addition, I offer three coaching programs. One is a self-study go at your own pace. I also am offering a monthly coaching program where each month I focus on a specific area, for instance, anger, jealousy, trust issues, and of course many others. I also have one to one coaching. Yes, in as little as eight weeks, you can be more confident, secure, and have the love you have always been looking for. That love first starts with YOU! 

I am so looking forward to sharing and creating so much with each and every-one of you. Thanks again for listening. Until next time keep your thoughts pure and simple.