Frequently Asked…Honestly Answered

What role do the podcasts play in Sandee’s life coaching programs?
The podcasts tackle the most common professional and relationship problems that people face, in a simple, easily-accessible way. This means that when something in particular is troubling you, Sandee’s advice and support on the topic will be immediately available.

Sandee’s podcasts are designed to reach your subconscious brain, which is the emotional part of your brain. Your subconscious brain makes decisions based on your thoughts or wants, not your knowledge.

As Earl Nightingale shares, “Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” Listening repeatedly to the information that Sandee presents will not only help you build confidence, it will also help you “reprogram” your brain.

How is Sandee’s one-on-one life coaching different than therapy?
Therapy often focuses on resolving the experiences that happened in your past. You go maybe once a week, talk about the things that are bothering you, and learn to work through or reframe troubling incidents. But you don’t necessarily gain the tools to stop the negativity cycle.

In contrast, Sandee’s life coaching focuses on changing your thoughts and reprogramming your brain. Your thoughts lead to your feelings, which in turn create your actions and results. Sandee helps you dive deeply into this “thought work,” providing the tools you need to develop self-confidence, create lasting change, and lead a happier and more loving and satisfying life.

Also, when you go to therapy you cannot record your sessions. At the end of your one-hour session it can be hard to remember much of what was said. Sandee encourages you to record your coaching sessions, so that you can go back and review the important points that are made.

Why choose Sandee to be your Master Life Coach?
Sandee has faced many challenges in her own life, but through the ups and downs she never gave up. Her story is one of courage, faith and confidence. What made Sandee prevail was her desire to be the change, and avoid falling into the trap of taking the easy way out. Sandee’s approach to life is pure and simple, and she is devoted to helping others achieve their goals as well.

Sandee’s coaching style is simple and easy to understand, and the tools and solutions she guides you through work. If you’re like most clients you’ll begin to feel more confident in as little as two weeks. Others will notice the change in you within three or four weeks, if not sooner. When you change your thoughts you can change the direction of your life!

Why is Sandee’s program so beneficial for teens?
The sooner a person gains self-love and confidence, and the sooner they learn to make the most of the thoughts/feelings/action connection, the bigger an influence this can have in that person’s life.

The lessons that Sandee teaches are life-changing. Whether a teen is well-adjusted or struggling with the difficulties of adolescence, Sandee’s programs will benefit them both now and into adulthood. It’s never too early to learn the tools to break free of unhealthy thought patterns and experience more confidence and joy in life.

My son or daughter didn’t like counseling. Why will they like this?
One of the things that youth love about working with Sandee is that, even if they live in the area, they don’t have to meet with her face-to-face. Instead, Sandee meets them where they tend to be most comfortable—on Facetime or Skype. Plus, Sandee’s focus is on solutions. Teens aren’t expected to engage in uncomfortable conversations about difficult emotions and experiences.

Why is Sandee’s program so beneficial for athletes and creatives?
People—especially youth—tend to have the greatest anxiety and stress around the things that they are most passionate about. Athletes, actors/actresses, musicians, dancers and artists often struggle with confidence in their chosen sport or art, even if they’re doing fine in all other aspects of life. Sandee can help them get to the root of these feelings of anxiety and stress, and move past it all.

Is Sandee available for public speaking engagements?
Yes! Sandee is available to speak at events targeting either youth (age 12 and up) or adults. To discuss potential speaking topics and book Sandee for your next event, contact her today.