Sandee challenged my thinking, attitudes, values and beliefs and she saw in me the potential that I needed to see in myself. I assumed that Sandee would advise me on the directions to take to make my life happy, but instead she taught me how to choose my own directions and grow as a person, for unlimited happiness. It was amazing to look at my life holistically and then focus down on the areas that I really wanted to improve. I’ve never felt more free, relaxed or confident and it’s already having a positive impact on all aspects of my life. Sandee is not only an extraordinary life coach but an incredibly good human being that is very positive and upbeat. Count yourself lucky if you are blessed to have her as your life coach.
~ Laura R.

I have worked with Sandee as a life coach and as my Pilates trainer for the past six months. Sandee not only improved my confidence with dancing but she also helped me day in and day out to live my life with confidence. I no longer struggle with body image issues or people pleasing. If you are looking for someone who truly understands what it is like being a teenager and struggling with having your own inner voice, reach out to Sandee. She is great!
~ Melissa

As a Life Coach, Sandee has real life experiences to draw from. And while she has achieved success in her business, it has not been without failures and emotional lows. Because of her failures she is also an example of a fighter and she will draw from her personal and fitness coaching experiences and take it to the next level. As she has reminded me often our emotional journey is interwoven to our physical one. She is a compassionate, understanding and passionate women. She sees the best in someone and wants to do everything within her ability to help that person be the person she already sees. If you’re looking for someone to help you through the challenges that life throws at you, Sandee will be an excellent guide and sounding board. She is living proof you can shift your own paradigm if you’re willing to put in the work.
~ Katherine E.